The Photographer

MagdelenaLapcevic-299x450Who is Magdalena Photography?
A mother of two adorable girls  . . . I created Magdalena Photography in 2009, started by converting part of our family home into a studio.  As the kids got older I moved to the studio out of the home and currently located in the Cosmopolitan Centre, Double Bay.

little meWhere did this Photography journey start?
I was only a child when I first took a photograph with my parent’s film camera and using up the entire roll of film . . . photographing my surroundings  . . . dropping off the film for development at the photo processing lab.  Then the wait to collect the finished product days later . . . when I saw the results . . . I was hooked forever!

If only I followed my dreams then but one is never too old to make your dreams come true . . . many times I feel I’m re-living my childhood passion of photography!  I love my passion . . .  dare I called it a job!




What is different about this studio?
The aim is to take your experience of having your photos to all new levels, focusing on delivering stunning photography, personalised photographic shoots with stylish presentation.

This is very important to me,  I need my clients to enjoy beautiful products with professional service, making the entire process of having your professional photographs a fun enjoyable experience



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