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0895 beil, magdalena photography

After your shoot we will arrange a time for you to come back to the studio and view your beautiful images.

I will help you choose and design your very own collection. I guarantee you shall be spoilt for choice!

It is recommended that all decision makers be present at this viewing appointment particularly as this can be a very big decision.

Please understand that I love children visiting our studio.  However, the viewing can take up to an hour and half, in the past children have become very restless and bored making your decision making process a little tricky.  If you can arrange babysitting or come at a time when children are at school.

Wednesday evenings are available for clients who work and cannot attend during the daytime . . . great time to have a date night after the viewing?



14×11″      42 x 52cm

20×14″      53 x 68cm

25×17″      60 x 80cm

28×20″   70 x 90cm

Mounted Prints

7×5″ in a 10×8” mount 26 x 20cm

10×8” in a 14×11″ mount  28 x 36cmcm

Prints sizes

7×5″       13 x 18cm

8×6″      18cm x 15cm

10×8″      53 x 68cm

14×11″      36 x 28cm

20×14″     51 x 36cm

25×17″      64 x 43cm

30×20″      76 x 51cm

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